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Kodo Millet biriyani / Varagu rice biriyani

Millet biriyaniIn olden days, people used to prepare a lot of healthy dishes using Millet. Because of having healthy food like this kind of millet, they were very strong and healthy. But now a days, we are not having healthy food. Having fast foods leading a lot of diseases like diabetics and heart problems in early ages. At least once in a week, if we prepare some dishes using millet, we will be getting more strength. Today, I tried a tasty and popular biriyani recipe using Kodo millet.(Varagu arisi in Tamil). Making this biriyani is very easy and it taste same like normal biriyani. I am not adding any vegetable in this dish. If we want, we can add vegetables or meat. Kodo millet is having a lot of fiber in it. Also having more nutritional values like protein and vitamins. I’m very glad to share this healthy and tasty biriyani using healthy Millet Varagarisi. Let us prepare the tasty varagarisi biriyani.

Millet biriyani
Millet biriyani



Heat oil or ghee in a pressure cooker, Add cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, bay leaf.Millet biriyaniAdd onion slices and saute till the onion gets golden brown.Millet biriyaniAdd ginger garlic paste and saute. Now, we must add chopped tomatoes and saute till it smashes. Mix washed millet veragarisi and saute for a minute.Millet biriyaniAdd turmeric powder and chilly powder.Millet biriyaniAdd curd and mix.Millet biriyaniWe have to add water in following measures.  For 1 cup of rice, we can add 2 cups of water. Chop mint leaves and coriander leaves and add.
Close the cooker lid, wait for the pressure release in high flame. Once the pressure release, put on low flame, put weight and keep it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, switch off the flame. After the pressure release, transfer to the serving plate and serve hot with onion or any side dish.Millet biriyaniTry this tasty  biriyani recipe and stay healthy.






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