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Mango paratha with Mango tomato jam / Mango recipe / Mambazha chapathy

This is the season of sweet, juicy ripped mangoes. Almost all the people like mangoes. My hubby purchased 2 kg of mangoes. I thought to prepare some interesting recipe over it. So I tried paratha called chapathy in tamil using ripped mango pulp. It came very well and I tried in healthy way using wheat flour. We can make it with maida also. I was thinking, what would be the side dish for this wonderful chapathy. Then I decided to prepare mango jam and adding more tasty I added tomatoes as well. Mango paratha with mango tomato jam is a very good combination and we are all enjoyed. My daughter and my hubby liked it very much. I’m very much proud to share this yummy mango recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty yummy mango paratha and mango tomato jam.


Peel off the ripped mango and grind as pulp paste.Transfer the pulp into a mixing bowl, add sugar, cumin seeds(jeeraham), pinch of salt, pinch of baking soda.Add wheat flour, mix it and kneed as a soft dough. Kneed as soft dough and cover it with a white cloth for 5-10 minutes. After 10 minutes, slightly kneed the dough and make equal balls.Dust the ball into flour and spread it with rolling pin as chapathy.Heat thava, place the spread chapathy over it and add ghee.Turn the chapathy and cook both the sides equally.After cooked both the sides, transfer the chapathy to a serving plate and serve with the mango tomato jam.

Preparing Mango tomato jam:

Make tomato puree. Heat oil in a kadai, add tomato puree and cook till the raw smell goes.Add mango pulp and cook.Add sugar and pinch of salt and cook till the glossy look comes. After it got the glossy touch, transfer to the serving bowl and serve with the mango chapathy.Try this amazing mango recipe and enjoy the real taste of mangoes.



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