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Cheesy Idly fries / Fried Idly with cheese

Fried idly with cheese or Cheesy idly fries… The most common dishes in South India are Idly with chutney, sambar, mini idly dipped in sambar. I used to make different varieties using idly and mini idly. Using mini idly, I prepared Lemon idly, idly kebab. Also, using normal idly I made Idly Manchurian as well. Today, I’m going to prepare something different recipe using idly. Ya.. It is cheesy idly fries. When I’m making idly, I just stuffed some cheese inside the batter. After making idly, I dipped the steamed idly in masala mix and fried. It was very nice and all of my family members liked very much. My hubby said, it is like a fish fry. Soft and spongy idly fries and cheese surprise inside… So temptation recipe which all the kids will surely love it. All most all the kids will like cheese. It is a Big surprise when they get cheesy bite. It will give more taste to the dish. I’m very happy to share this wonderful idly recipe. Let us see, how to make cheesy idly fries.


Making Idly:

For making idly, First of all we need to prepare idly batter. I have already mentioned in all my  idly variety posts. My idly variety links are below..

Idly Manchurian

Lemon Idly

Kebab Idly

Also I already posted Andhra style Rava Idly and Stuffed rava Idly.

Stuffed idly fries:

This Idly stuffed with cheese. So, when we pour the Idly batter in steam plate, Just add cheese blocks or grated cheese and close with the batter.After steamed the idly, transfer the idly in to the plate.In a mixing bowl, mix 2 tsp of corn flour, 2 tsp of maida with turmeric powder, chilly powder, ginger garlic paste and salt.Heat oil in a kadai for deep fry the idly, Dip the cheese stuffed idly in flour mix.Deep fry the flour dipped idly one by one in turning two sides to fry evenly. Cut the fried idly, transfer to the serving plate, garnish with grated cheese and serve hot. No need any side for this. We can have as a starter also. If we want, we can have with chutney or sambar.Try this yummy surprising idly recipe at your home and make surprise your loved ones.




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