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Chilly Parota

Chilly parota… One of the famous and classic street food of India and mainly in Kerala is parota. We know, there are a lot of parota recipes famous in North India. Aloo paratha, Gobi paratha and etc.. I already posted Aloo paratha, Radish paratha, Mango paratha. But, we are going to make this chilly parota with Kerala parota. I also posted Kerala parota recipe. Some times at my home, my hubby used to buy Kerala parota for dinner. This time he bought 3-4 parotas more. I don’t want to waste the parotas. So I planned to prepare the famous chilly parota. My daughter liked so much. I was very happy that she had the chilly parota without hesitating. I’m so glad to share this wonderful recipe from left over parota called chilly parota. Let us start our preparation.

Method :

Cut the left over parota into square shapes.In a mixing bowl, add corn flour, maida, turmeric powder, chilly powder ginger garlic paste with salt and mix with water to make paste.Dip the cut parota pieces into the flour mix.Heat oil in a kadai, do deep fry the masala dipped parota  in all the sides evenly.In an another kadai, heat 2 tsp of oil, add finely chopped garlic and teared green chilies and saute till the garlic turn golden brown.Add chopped onions and keep on saute till the onion gets golden brown.Now we are going to add tomato sauce and soya sauce.In a bowl, mix 1 tsp of corn flour with water in watery consistency and add along with the sauces.When the corn flour water thickens, add fried parota and mix it well.Wow.. The Yummy chilly parota is is now ready with spring onion garnishing.Try this wonderful recipe with left over parota and enjoy by post your comments.

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