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Dilpasand recipe / Bakery style Dil pasand

Bakery style Dilpasand is a delicious and all time favorite bakery snack for me, my hubby and my daughter. Every Friday, we used to buy fresh and warm dilpasand in a masque which is near to our flat. It was so nice and delicious taste. Only Fridays, we can get that. For a long time, I thought to prepare the same type of dilpasand at my home. Today, I did it. Hmmm.. Wooow… So soft and yummy taste same as bakery dilpasand. Usually, the stuffing of this yummy dish is only desiccated(grated and fried) coconut ¬†along with the tutti fruity. But in this recipe, we are going to add sweetened kova also mixed with desiccated coconut and tutti fruity. Adding kova is giving more and more excellent taste to the dilpasand. Softy mouth watering bakery style recipe preparing at home.. so excited to share this sweet recipe. Let us prepare the bakery style Dilpasand.


Keep the puff pastry sheets in room temperature. I already posted the puff pastry recipe. The link is here…Puff pastry..Cut the pastry sheets to make 2 rounds of sheets.Dry fry the grated coconut.Grate the sweeten kova and mix with fried coconut. Add sugar also if you want.Spread the sheets as two round, one is normal size and other one is small than first.Place the kova coconut mix and spread some colorful tutti fruity in normal sized sheet.Cover the other sheet over the kova.Roll the edges to close evenly.Brush oil or ghee on the top of the dilpasand dough.Bake it in preheated oven in 220 degree Celsius for 30 minutes or till done.Takeout from the oven and let it cool down. Cut into 4 or 5 pieces and serve the delicious dilpasand.Try the wonderful bakery recipe at your home and enjoy the yummy taste of dilpasand.

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