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Homemade Donuts / Kids special Doughnut recipe

Kids special Homemade Donuts or Doughnut recipe with step by step pictures… For a long time, I was thinking that donuts is oven based recipe and it is very tough to make it. But, when I tried to prepare at home, I was really feeling amazing, making donuts is very easy and even kids can do this recipe. Simple and delicious fried donuts is one of the favorite confectionery food for my daughter. She always ask her father to buy donuts as evening snacks. When I prepared at home, she was very happy and she take it to school for her friends also. We mostly dip the donuts in melted chocolate only. But I dipped in the chocolate sauce and decorate with some colorful sparkles. Come let’s prepare the yummy and kid’s simple recipe of homemade donuts.


Basic information :

Preparation time        :  2 Hrs

Cooking time              :  5 Mins

No of pcs                     :  8-9 Pcs

Ingredients :

Milk                     :  1 Glass

Dry east               :  2 Tsp

Sugar                    : 3 Tsp

Butter                   :  20 Grm

Maida                   :  150 Grm

Salt                        :  1 Pinch

Oil                          :  For deep fry

Chocolate sauce :  For dip and decorate

Colorful sparkles :  For decorate

Method :

In a bowl, take 1 glass of warm milk and add 1 tsp of sugar,butter and active dry east and mix it well. Close and wait for fermentation.Take a mixing bowl, add maida and 2 tsp of ground sugar powder ans a pinch of salt.Check the  fermented east with milk and mix with the flour. Make a soft dough.Kneed the dough for about 5-6 minutes to make softer.Place the soft dough in a bowl close it with white cloth or a polythene cover for make double in size.It will take 1 to 1 and a 1/2 hours to ferment as double size.Gently kneed the dough again and spread it with rolling spin as thick sheet.Cut the spread sheet in round donuts shape using glass or bowl or donuts cutter.Using bottle caps cut out the center round.Do this in all the dough. Keep the shaped donuts dough for 10 to 15 minutes again.
Heat oil in a kadai,  deep fry the donuts in medium flame for 3-4 minutes in both the sides.





We can melt chocolate and dip the donuts. Or we can dip in or pour chocolate sauce. Sprinkle with some colorful chocolate sparkles. We can sprinkle powdered sugar also.Try this amazing delicious donuts recipe and give surprise for your kids.


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