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Lemon Idly / Idly varieties

Idly varieties…. Lemon Idly..Idly is one of the most favorite and common breakfast recipes in South India. Usually, we all are having idly with chutney and sambar. Today, I tried a different recipe using mini idly. Lemon Idly… very easy and quick method of preparation that all will surely love this. Using lemon, I already prepared paneer and chicken called Lemon paneer and lemon chicken. These dishes are favorite for all of family members. Regularly, we prepare idly in our homes. Instead of eating in the same way, if we prepare like this kind of varieties, all kids will definitely like it. My daughter liked this very much and I was surprised, without giving to her father she ate everything!!.. I prepared this yummy dish with mini ideas. We can also use the normal idlies by cutting off small pieces. Very much excited to share this excited recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the yummy Lemon Idly in Idly varieties.


Fist of all, for making this kabab, we need Idly batter.  For making batter, we need to soak rice and urad dal in below measures for minimum 1 Hour.
Steam rice : 1 cup
Raw rice : 1/2 cup
Idly rice : 1 & 1/2 cup
Urad deal : 1/4 cup
Dry methy : 2 Tsp
Rinse the rice and dhal and grind as a idly batter and keep it for minimum 8 hours for foaming. After getting foam, it is ready to make idlies.We are going to prepare this recipe with mini idlies. Greece ghee or oil in the mini idly plate and pour one tsp of batter for steaming.After 3-5 of minutes of steaming, remove the steamed  idlies from the plate.Heat 2 tsp of oil in a kadai, add cumin seeds. (jeeraham)Chop the onions, garlic, green chilies  in small pieces and add it with the cumin seeds after the seeds pops. Saute the onions with adding salt and turmeric powder.Squeeze half a lemon in the fried onion and mix it well.Saute the onions well, add steamed mini idlies and mix it gently.Now, we are adding pepper powder, chilly powder(optional) with salt.Cut one slice of lemon and add it as well. Wow… Great.. The mouthwatering recipe Lemon Idly is ready to serve with the coriander leaves garnish.Try this beautiful Idly varieties and make surprise for your kids.



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