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Ribbon pakoda / Festival snacks recipe

Ribbon pakoda
Ribbon pakoda

The most favorite festival snacks recipe for me is ribbon pakoda. Most of the people will use only basan or chickpea flour or kaldalai maavu in Tamil. But I used to prepare this yummy snacks by using rice flour, roasted gram flour along with basan. Roasted gram flour gives the pakoda smoothness. I’m using white till seeds called sesame seeds in this pakoda. We can also use black seeds. Soft and crispy snack item which is very easy to prepare. My mother always prepare this ribbon pakoda for all Diwali. It is the best tea time snack which everybody love it. We need muruku press with pakoda achu. Let us make the tasty crunchy snack ..Ribbon pakoda.


Take 3 tsp of roasted gram and make as fine powder using blender.In a mixing bowl, take basan, rice flour, roasted gram flour, chilly powder, sesame seeds, butter or ghee and salt. Mix with little water to make soft dough.Fill the dough in the muruku press and close with pakoda achu.Heat oil for deep fry, press the dough directly to the hot oil. Take care when you press the dough, because the oil is hot. Deep fry the pakoda in all the sides evenly.After fried well, transfer to the serving plate. Make cool down the pakoda and we can preserve it in air tight container.Try this easy and tasty snack recipe and enjoy with tea.

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