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Stuffed Garlic Chapati / Cheesy Garlic chapatti

Stuffed garlic chapati… Cheesy Garlic chapatti… Usually chapati is the best food item which can be eaten for breakfast , lunch and also for dinner. It is one of the best diet food for all the people. Chapati placing an important roll in weight reducing diet. Today, I’m going to share you all the healthy and interesting recipe with this healthy chapati. We are all know the recipe of stuffed garlic bread in Domino’s style. I’m also posted the recipe of Stuffed Garlic bread. Stuffed garlic chapati is also slightly similar to this recipe. We need not prepare any side dish for this recipe, because we are already stuffed inside the chapati with cheese. I mixed the garlic paste in the dough itself. It gives nice aroma and flavor to the chapati. Instead of eating chapati with some gravy, If we prepare like this with some healthy veggies and surprise of cheese, kids also likes very much. We can pack for kid’s lunch box also. Let us see, the preparation of Stuffed Garlic chapati.

Basic information :

Preparation time      :  15 Mins

Cooking time             :  4 Mins

Serve for                     :  10 Pcs

Ingredients :

Wheat flour                :  2 Cups

Chilly powder            :  1/2 Tsp

Garlic paste               :  1/2 Tsp

Salt                             :  1 Tsp

Oil or ghee                : 2 Tsp per pc

For stuffing:

Sweet corn              :  1 cup

Carrot                      :  1 No

Capsicum               :  1 No

Coriander leaves  :  Few

Pepper powder     :  1/2 Tsp

Oregano seasoning :  1 Pinch

Lemon juice             :  2 Drops

Salt                            :  1/2 Tsp

Cheese                      :  50 Grm

Method :

In a mixing bowl, take 2 cups of wheat flour, crusher garlic or garlic paste, chilly powder and salt.Mix with water to make soft dough. Cover the dough with a lid for 10-15 Mins.Boil Sweetcorn, Drain water and add grated carrot, Finely chopped capsicum and coriander leaves.Mix the stuffing with pepper powder, salt, oregano seasoning and two drops of lemon juice.Divide the dough into equal parts as lemon size.Spread the lemon sized ball using rolling pin as chapati.Place the stuffing on the spread sheet. The stuffing should not be watery and hot.Add grated cheese.Close the stuffing as shown in the picture. Press the corners with fork spoon. Heat dosa thava, add some oil, and Take carefully and place the stuffed chapati to cook.After 2 minutes of cooking, turn the chapati in other side, add some oil and cook it by pressing with ladle.Wow.. Flavorful cheesy stuffed chapati is ready to serve. Cut into pieces and serve hot.Try this healthy stuffed chapati recipe and please share your experience.


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