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Athirasam with sugar syrup / Festive recipe Athirasam.

Athirasam in sugar syrup. The festive recipe.. In Tamil Nadu, Aadi peruku is one of the famous festival. It will come in the Tamil month of Aadi. We will prepare many dishes for puja in this day. This year, I prepare famous sweet dish called Athirasam. Usually, this sweet will be prepared only with jaggery. The consistency of the dough is very much important. We can use the jaggery mixed dough for minimum 1 or 2 weeks. I also posted in my post Athirasam making with jaggery. But in this post, I’m going to prepare in sugar syrup. This is the very easy method of preparation. All the people will prepare this yummy sweet for Diwali. But I prepared for aadi peruku. Let us see how to prepare the simple and tasty festive recipe Athirasam in sugar syrup.


Take 1 cup of rice flour and ½ a cup of sugar.In a kadai or a bowl, add sugar and 1/4 cup of sugar and allow it to boil till it comes one string consistency.Add cardamon powder. When it reaches one string consistency, we are going to add rice flour little by little carefully.Mix it well with the sugar syrup till it gets kesari or soft dough consistency. Switch off the flame and wait for cool down.Make a lemon size ball on the rice flour dough.
Press gently with your hands to spread in plastic paper.Heat oil in a kadai, do deep fry till it comes golden brown in medium flame. It will come fluffy.When it done, take out from the oil by pressing with two ladle to extract the excess oil.Hmmm.. Yummy… The sweet delicious athirasam is ready to serve.Try this mouth watering festival recipe and please post your sweet comments.

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