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Malpua recipe / Mawa malpua

Malpua made with mawa or unsweetened koya is the famous dessert recipe in India and Bangladesh. When I gone to a function with my family, they served warm malpua after the party. It was so delicious and we ate a lot. We all like very much. I thought of preparing at my kitchen for a long time. Finally, I decided to prepare for Gokulashtami for serving to Lord Krishna. I’m very happy that it came very well, and all my family members also loved it very much. This mouthwatering dessert malpua is made with maida and koya and dipped in sugar syrup or sweet milk rabri. And also garnish with some pieces of pistachios and almonds. My daughter love to eat sweets like Rasgulla, Ras malai, Athirasam etc.. But after made this delicious sweet, this is became the most favorite  dessert sweet for her. Let us prepare the finger licking dessert malpua as Krishna Janmashtami special. My other Gokulashtami special recipes are Aval payasam, Poha laddu.


Grate the mawa or koya.Mix the grated koya with warm milk. Whisk it well to make soft and lump free.Add maida, fennel seeds, baking soda and sugar. Adding baking soda is optional. It will come fluffy when we add baking soda. Make as idly batter in mixing well. Keep the batter for 15-20 minutes for rest. Now, we are going to make sugar syrup. Take 1 cup if sugar and mix with 1/2 cup of water.Bring it to boil until it turns in one string consistency. We can add saffron also.Heat oil or ghee in a kadai, take one small spatula(karandi) of batter and pour it in the hot oil slowly and carefully.Leave it for 1 minute and turn it in other side to cook.Press gently to cook evenly. After cooked well in both the sides, takeout from the oil and put it in warm sugar syrup. Wow… the delicious mouth watering sweet Malpua is ready to serve with pista and badam garnishing.Try this wonderful dessert recipe and enjoy your festivals..



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