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Amla juice / Gooseberry juice / Homemade Amla juice

Homemade Amla juice..The healthiest homemade juice using Amla or Gooseberry Nellikai in Tamil… Amla is having a lot of amazing health benefits Of our body, skin and for hair. We can see amla hair oil in markets. Also some people use amla for hair directly to clean the scalp and to avoid dandruff. We can drink this healthy juice in daily routine. It helps to increase blood cells and prevent anemia, hence it helps to lightening our skin complexion. Amla purifies our skin by repairing the tissues that are damaged and we can get pimple free clean skin. People who get giddiness or tiredness because of anemia can take this amla juice in their daily diet. For making this juice,  I’m adding honey for sweetness instead of adding sugar. Let us see the method of making the healthiest juice homemade amla juice.

Method :

Wash the amla(Nellikai) and wipe off.Cut the dry amla and remove it’s seed. We can also grate it.Add a small piece of ginger also. It is optional. Do not add ginger more.Grind it using blender nicely without adding water.Strain the juice using strainer and pressing ground amla with the spoon.Now we can add some water and grind second time and strain again. Add the juice in a glass and add some one glass of water.Add 1 glass of water. Mix honey for sweetness in required amount.

Mix well and serve it .Try this juice with full of nutrition and stay healthy.

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