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Fried cut cake / Vettu cake / Fried cake

 Fried cut cake..Vettu cake… How many of you know about this yummy fried cut cake. All Kerala people must know this cake obviously. But most of us might even not seen this sweet cake. This is very popular snack in Kerala tea stalls. For preparing this snack, we need not use oven. We are going to fry this cake in low flame, so that the cake will be fried evenly inside also. This is very easy preparation to have a very tasty cake called vettu cake. Vettu means cut in Malayalam and Tamil also. We will cut the dough before frying the cake. So it is called cut (vettu) cake. Let us see, how to prepare the famous Kerala tea stall snack recipe fried cut cake or vettu cake or fried cake.

Method :

Take 2 cups of maida, 3/4 cup of sugar, 4 cardamons and two eggs.Powder the sugar along with cardamon.Add powdered sugar with two eggs.Mix the eggs with the sugar well without any lumps.Now we are going to add baking powder and a pinch of salt and mix.Then, slowly add maida and blend well.If we want more flour, we can use. Add some oil, and kneed as the soft dough. Greece oil on the top and bottom of the dough and cover it with the lid or a plastic cover for 1 hour.After 1 hour, kneed the dough again slightly and roll the dough as a pipe or long bread.Cut out the edges and make slices the dough in medium pieces. Greece oil in the knife to cut without sticky.The cut pieces can be either square or triangle.We are going to cut the square pieces only on the top and not fully.Heat oil in a kadai, make it low flame, do deep fry the cake slowly. It may take 3-5 minutes to cook.

If we cook in medium or high flame, the cake will be burnt and not cook in the center. Let the cake fried in one side and then turn the cake in another side to fry.Ya.. The fried vettu cake is ready for serving. We can store the cake in air tight container after getting cool.Try this tea stall snack recipe at your kitchen and have hot tea with this wonderful snack.

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