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Kerala Olan recipe / Onam special Ash gourd Olan

Kerala festival Onam special Olan recipe prepared with ash gourd. Olan placing an important role in all onam sadhya in Kerala. Very easy recipe and rice aroma of coconut oil and coconut milk flavored tasty recipe. Most of the people will make this olan with cow peas (thattapayar). I made without this ingredient and only with ash gourd (white pumpkin).  Also in Kerala, they will not add the tempering in olan. But for a change and for a nice look, I added the mustard tempering. Interesting dish cooked with fresh coconut milk. In my home, all the members likes Kerala dishes. Every year, I used to prepare Onam sadhya for the Onam festival. Olan is a favorite dish for my mother-in-law. I  posted other Onam recipes also. The links are..








Grate the coconut for taking coconut milk. Add warm water and grind.Strain the milk in squeezing the ground coconut to extract the milk. We can take first and second milk.

Peal off the skin of ash gourd and cut into medium pieces.In a bowl or kadai, add the ash gourd pieces along with second coconut milk.Add cracked green chilies, curry leaves and a small piece of ginger(optional).Close with the lid and cook in medium flame till the vegetable cooked softly.When the ash gourd cooked nicely, we can add first and thick coconut milk.Cook for 2 minutes. Do not cook more after adding thick coconut milk.After 2 minutes of cooking, switch off the flame and transfer the tasty olan to the serving dish.If we want we can add the mustard tempering.
Serve this yummy recipe and enjoy the festive, the colorful Onam.


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