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Mushroom chilly / Chilly Mushroom

Mushroom chilly … Chilly Mushroom… This yummy starter became a normal Indian dish now. Because, we can get this famous Chinese Mushroom dish in almost all the restaurants in allover the India. I used to prepare this yummy dish very often. Today, I’m going to post this great recipe for you all, of course with the great excitement. This is the best starter recipe for vegetarians. We can have Mushrooms in our healthy diet. Why because, Mushrooms are rich in protein and Vitamin C. Also this is very rich in Iron. Here… the recipe of Chilly Mushroom with step by step pics.

Method :

Boil two cups of water and blanch the button Mushroom. Blanch 5-10 minutes and drain the water.In a mixing bowl, mix rice flour, maida, corn flour, chilly powder, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste and salt with the blanched mushrooms.No need to soak, because if we soak the mushrooms, it will be watery. Heat oil in a kadai and do deep fry the marinated mushrooms.Fry in all the sides equally and keep it aside.Heat oil in another kadai, add finely chopped garlic and spring onions.Let it be fried, add onion slices, capsicum. Saute till onion turned golden brown. Add fried mushrooms, all sauces.Mix with the splitted green chilies. If we want some gravy, mix some corn flour with water and add it in the mushroom.Transfer the hot chilly mushroom to the serving dish garnish with the chopped spring onion.Try this yummy dish and enjoy your day with restaurant style starter.

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