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Nenthara chips / Kerala raw plantain chips / Onam special snack

 Kerala’s one of the best and famous chips is Nenthara chips or Kerala raw plantain chips. This is Onam special snack which can be prepared very easily and quickly. All most in all the states and countries, we can see one Kerala shop. In all Kerala shops, we can get raw plantain or nentharam kai. Using this healthy nentharam kai, the Kerala people preparing the tasty chips. This chips is prepared in coconut oil. Very tasty, crispy and having rich coconut oil aroma. In my childhood days, I like this chips very much. We used to say this chips as yellow chips. when my father was working in Kerala, he always buy freshly fried hot yellow chips. Myself and my sister like very much the taste and the aroma. Now, my daughter also likes very much. In this great colorful Onam day, I decided to prepare this tasty snack Nenthara chips as Onam special snack. It came very well and tasty. Let us see how to prepare Kerala raw plantain chips.

Method :

Peel off the (nentharam kai) raw plantain. In a bowl, take 2 tablespoon of water and mix turmeric powder and salt. Keep it aside.Heat coconut oil in a kadai. We can slice the nentharam kai using the slicer in directly to the hot oil carefully.Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric water and spread in the hot oil. So that yellow color and salt will be stick with the chips. We can slice the kai separately also. But we have to fry immediately after sliced the nentharam kai.Fry well in medium flame for 3-4  minutes. Do not let it brown,because  the taste will go different.After fried well, take out from the hot oil and transfer to the oil absorbing paper. We can keep it in air tight container after getting cool for 1 or 2 weeks.Try this wonderful yellow chips and make this Onam crispy and colorful.



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