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Seven cup Burfi \ Seven cake \ Diwali sweet

 Seven cup burfi.. My mother will say this sweet as Seven cake. This is one of the yummy and delicious Diwali sweets. My mom used to prepare this seven cup burfi in my childhood days for Diwali. This Diwali, I made this sweet for my lovely friends. It came very well and they enjoyed a lot. I tried to post this post before this Diwali, but I couldn’t post it because of some works. The name seven cup burfi came for this sweet because of this is made with seven cups of ingredients. Very easy to prepare this yummy sweet. But we have to mix it well till the correct consistency comes. Let us make the delicious Diwali sweet recipe Seven cup burfi.

Method :

Keep ready with all your ingredients.Heat a kadai, first of all, add basan and dry fry till gets nice aroma. Be careful that it should not burnt.Secondly, add grated coconut and fry for 2 minutes.Then we are adding all the other ingredients with chopped cashews. We can also use cashew powder.Mix well and keep the flame in low. Keep mixing till it comes non sticky with the kadai. Powder the cardamom and add it with the mix.When it comes thick and non sticky, it is the correct consistency to switch off the flame. Transfer the burfi in a ghee greased plate and cut it in required shape before cool down completely. Transfer the burfi pieces in a air tight container. We can keep this burfi for minimum 1-2 weeks.Try this yummy and delicious sweet recipe at your home and enjoy even the non festival days.