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Paneer dosa / Mini paneer dosa

Paneer dosa.. Mini paneer dosa..  Dosa is the famous South Indian breakfast recipe. Most of the North Indian people also likes dosa. Today, I’m going to make dosa in some interesting way. I’m making mini dosa and I’m going to spread scrambled paneer with adding some masala powders. Adding to that we can include capsicum and some olives to garnish the dosa. So that, the looks also too good and all the kids will definitely love this yummy dosa. We can pack this tasty dosa as our kid’s lunch box. We can add carrots and onions also. I made it with mini dosa. We can make it in normal dosa also. I’m adding less spicy here. If we want we can add more spicy in scrambled paneer. Let us see how to prepare the tasty yummy healthy mini paneer dosa with step by step pictures.

Method :

In a mixing bowl, scramble the paneer and add salt, chilly powder, cumin powder and mix it well.Heat dosa thava, pour 1/2 a ladle of  dosa batter to make mini dosa. For mini dosa we do not need to spread the batter.

Pour ghee or oil around the dosa.

Spread the masala paneer over the dosa.Garnish with capsicum pieces and olive rounds.

Cover the dosa with the lid and wait for 2-3 minutes to cook the dosa. Keep the flame in low.Yummy paneer mini dosa is ready to serve. We can add cheese also.Try this tasty and easy kid’s favorite recipe and enjoy eating.