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Cabbage Pakoda / Healthy tea time snack

Healthy tea time snack.. Cabbage pakoda. Most of the kids and adults also doesn’t like to eat cabbage. But cabbage is having tons of health benefits like cabbage is having Vitamin C that have antioxidants which helps to tone your skin and reduce anti aging problem. This vegetable is having full of fiber content and low calories in it and helps in weight loss. It purifies blood and removes toxins from our body. For kids, Cabbage is loaded with Iodine and Vitamin E which helps for proper function of brain and nervous system and keeps our body, skin and hair healthy.  Having these many health benefits, how can we give this vegetable to our kids in interesting way. Here.. Pakoda recipe using healthy cabbage and they can’t even identify that this pakoda is made with cabbage. I prepared only with cabbage without adding onions. Let us prepare the healthy tea time snack Cabbage pakoda.


Grate the cabbage and wash it wit clean water and strain it.In a bowl, add basan, rice flour, maida, turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt.
Mix it well with less water to make thick paste.Add cabbage and mix it well. No need to soak the marination. If we soak, the cabbage will be watery.Heat oil in a kadai, spread the marinated cabbage in the hot oil.Fry till it comes golden brown. It will take 2-3 minutes.After fried well, serve the crispy hot pakoda with tea or we can serve as side dish for rice.               Try this healthy snack and enjoy.

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