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Vegetable Fruits salad / Healthy salad with Mayonnaise

Vegetable  Fruits Salad… Healthy salad made with Mayonnaise.. All fruits and vegetables are fully packed with a lot of nutritional values for all types of people. Today I’m going to prepare a healthy salad using garlic Mayonnaise. I added all my favorite vegetables and fruits. This is definitely all kid’s favorite and obviously my daughter ask me to prepare this salad for her snacks box. This salad can be use for a healthy diet for weight loss to fills our stomach as vegetables and fruits are having fiber content in it. I’m adding some golden corn kernels also to make more healthy. Let us prepare the healthy vegetable fruits salad with garlic Mayonnaise.

Method :

First of all, I’m going to add chopped vegetables like Onion, tomato, cucumber, carrots along with some chopped lettuce.Chop apple and add it with the vegetables.I’m adding some Perls of pomegranate.Separate the corn kernels and boil it with adding pinch of salt.Strain the boiled corn and add it in the salad.Now it’s time to add Mayonnaise. I’m adding two teaspoon of mayonnaise. If we want we can add more.I’m adding 1 tsp. of thick curd here. It is totally optional. Add little salt and black pepper powder.Mix well with the spoon gently.After mixed well, serve this salad loaded with all kind of nutrients and be healthy.